Many years ago Aellyn's Writing Director Ben dreamed of writing his own childrens book, while the Creative Director Mel always dreamed of making a video game. So in the wise words of Old El Paso por que no los dos?

As many of you know we have started the development of Oaris a cosy Space Exploration. However, due to the size of the video game we are also working on a smaller game to expand our skills and knowledge as a team. MMOs are the hardest to develop after all. So we like to introduce Tales of the Valente. We have shown off a little about TotV over the last week on our social media.

The story of Tales of the Valente follows a kid named Bastien as he faces his fears in his own little fantasy world and through his life. Little shy Bastien becoming Sir Bastien as he slays monsters and conquers the darkness amongst other things.
What makes this game so unique? Don't worry I didn't just leave you hanging before. Ben and Mel have collaborated on the story behind Tales of the Valente. Creating a story book for our younger audiences and a cosy little video game for our older audiences. Inspiration for the design taken from games like Plucky Squire, Wylde Flowers, Hue, It Takes Two and so many more.

The game will take place in a 3D world of Bastien's life. You will see his fears come to life as he moves through his house and interacts with his family and friends. Starting out as a shy, terrified little boy. Inside his bedroom he lets his imagination run wild and will take you into the world of The Glowing Forest where he is a knight. Sir Bastien! Brave and outgoing warrior ready to protect the kingdom! Helping others feel brave.