Oaris is a cosy space exploration MMO. Travel the stars, expand your ship and crew. Explore the planets alone or with your friends and meet all kinds of people on your adventures.

A major project the Aellyn Studios team has taken on is Oaris. (Pronounced Oh-Ar-Is). This cosy space exploration MMO won't be like other space games such as Starfield or Elite dangerous. The focus of this game isn't to fly around attacking others or building the strongest ship. Oaris is about exploring. Discovering the stars and what mysteries they hold.

To follow with the educational theme although a sci-fi game it will have aspects of factual information. Such as what aspects are needed for a human to survive on a planet. NPCS such as Tom who is a shop keeper will have real recipes as well as will teach about facial hair management and oils. This is actually based off one of the team Ben and his passion for maintaining his beard.