Explore the Stars!

Explore the stars, make new friends and discover a new universe. Oaris allows you to hire crew for your ship, explore planets and adventure in a cosy space exploration MMO.
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Tales of the Valente

Fight your fears & become the hero!

Tales of the Valente follows the story of a young boy Bastien terrified of the monsters under the bed, spiders and the dark. But in his world, he is a brave knight ready to fight the monsters!


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Frequently asked questions

What games are there?

Currently the Aellyn team are working on two games. Oaris and Tales of the Valente. Oaris being our larger game has its own Discord Server you can join.

Can I be an Alpha Tester for the games?

Each game under development will be different. Announcements will be made on our Blog or Discord servers regarding when we are looking for Alpha Testers or how you can test the games.

Can I join the team?

We would love for you to join the team if you have the skills and time to offer! At this stage all positions are advised on our Careers page.

When will the games be released?

Oaris and Tales of the Valente are both in very early stages of development. You can follow updates on any released publishing date in our Blog or on the Discord Servers.